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The Place Of Print In The General Election

The Place Of Print In The General Election

Since Britain’s first ever General Election in 1708, print has been an essential tool for campaigning politicians. Far from being limited to the rudimentary flyers and makeshift banners of 300 years ago, the print revolution has opened up more avenues of possibility than ever before, ensuring that print remains an absolutely indispensible weapon in the arsenal of any politician.


One of the most widespread and effective methods of reaching the general public is through leafleting, be it handing them out on a high street or putting them through letterboxes. A huge portion of every major party’s print budget is spent ensuring that they have leaflets in significant quantity, design and quality for their constituents.

Colour is always the most important factor when designing any leaflet, and even more so when it comes to political material. Candidates will always ensure their leaflets represent their party colours, with Conservatives creating flyers with a majority of the text or background being blue, Labour candidates doing the same with red, Lib Dems with yellow and so on. It is a surefire way to make sure your party is at the forefront of your printed material, as well as letting the public know exactly whom the leaflet is from. They are unlikely to read any leaflet in much detail without knowing which party it is for.

The specific message on each leaflet will usually be tailored to the intended audience, so areas with high unemployment will be targeted with rhetoric about creating jobs and wealthy areas will have a message about lowering taxes for the rich. Leaflets not only help promote the positive message of the party creating them, but can also highlight all of the mistakes made by their opposition.

Campaign launch in the UK

A campaign launch in the UK. Photo: Lib Dem Flickr / CC BY-ND 2.0

Meeting The People

One of the exhausting methods of campaigning for politicians of any level is the constant meet and greets scheduled to ensure candidates get as much face time with prospective voters as possible. From the likes of Cameron, Milliband and Clegg all the way down to the local politicians in the smallest constituencies, shaking hands and kissing babies will be a daily event. It is vital, therefore, to leave a lasting physical impression, so as not to be instantly forgotten.

High quality business cards, stickers or small leaflets are often used during elections to ensure that members of the public are able to show their support, as well as have the necessary information to find out more information about their preferred candidate. A politician can meet 100 people in an hour, and be forgotten almost instantly by all of them. But if they hand out business cards, stickers, badges and leaflets to all of them, there’s a much improved chance that those 100 people will not only remember them, but help spread their message further.

A UK General Election leaflet. Photo: mia! on Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0.

A UK General Election leaflet. Photo: mia! / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

Banners, Signs and Roll-Ups

Another integral part of an election comes with speaking at public events. Whereas this is a great way to communicate a message and gain favour from the people present, an opportunity can be wasted without utilization of the proper printed material. With the use of banners, signs and roll-ups with the speaker’s name, party and slogan, political candidates can help create a consistent brand identity that will live much longer in the public’s mind. Not only does it add an air of legitimacy, but it also provides a perfect photo opportunity to be used in further promotional material.

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