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Your Guide to Print Outsourcing

Your Guide to Print Outsourcing

With over 15 years of experience in providing outsourced printing requirements for a huge range of clientele, Exaprint is a leading provider in the industry. It is with this huge base of knowledge that we provide our customers the skills and resources they will need to successfully outsource some, if not all of their printing requirements.

Before starting to outsource any of your print requirements, it is important that you establish a firm foundation on which to build your outsourced clientele. The following is a four step guide to doing just that.

1. Identify products to be outsourced

Begin by deciding what percentage of your current production and what products specifically, you would like to outsource. During this phase, it is also important to decide if you will be making additions to your product range. Partnering with a provider like Exaprint that can help you to move into a product area that has not typically been a part of your repertoire, packaging or labels for example, will help you to cross sell a wider range of items to the most valuable asset your company has, your customers.

2. Select the wholesale print provider

Now that you have a selection of products you are looking to outsource, you can go about selecting a wholesale printer that best fits your needs.

The factors that you should consider when selecting a provider are the following:

  • Product range – The product range offered by different suppliers may vary greatly. Exaprint offers one of the largest product selections with over 3 million product combinations available to our clients.
  • Lead Times – Make sure that your preferred wholesale provider offers next day delivery nationally. Some European wholesale providers deliver on a 2 day (minimum) road service which greatly affects turnaround times. Exaprint offers a next day service on a wide range of products with a same day service coming soon.
  • Quality – one of the primary concerns for companies endeavouring to outsource some of their production is how to ensure the quality of the product is maintained. Exaprint has made huge investments in production technology ensuring that the highest print quality is achieved. As a result, more often than not, companies that make the move to a outsourcing with us see, if anything, in increase in quality.
  • Service – Once you have decided on a wholesale provider, create a limited-run test order for them. Exaprint makes this easy with a £35 welcome package to use on your first purchase. As a result, you could get your limited-run test order for free.

3. Setup your support systems

The main focus of your business operation following a move to an outsourcing format will be one of client relationship development and support. As a result, before making the move, it is important that you prepare your support staff for what is to come. This process will include training staff on how to operate the wholesaler’s ordering systems and how to track and follow up on consignment shipping. Think of the wholesalers platform as an extension to your internal MIS system. These processes will become vitally important to ensuring that orders arrive at the right place at the right time.

4. Start selling

At this point, you will be completely setup to begin taking the orders you’re looking to outsource to your selected wholesale printer. As a result, you should now start to engage with your sales and marketing teams to bring the new products onboard and to start increasing sales volumes.

What you can do to drive sales:

  • If you are saving capital by moving some of your production out, you should look to reinvest that capital into advertising and marketing. This kind of investment is becoming increasingly important as the marketplace is highly competitive.
  • Encourage your sales team to contact dormant clients with your new product selection. You may be able to reacquire a portion of that base with the new products. This kind of activity should yield some profitable results.

Congratulations, you are now outsourcing.

If you would like anymore information on what Exaprint can do for you, do not hesitate to call 0203 475 7475, or email contact@Exaprint.co.uk

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