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Printing Christmas cards at Exaprint

Printing Christmas cards at Exaprint

With retail stores already beginning to setup their festive season displays and the weather starting to chill, it is clear Christmas is upon us. One of the most requested printed items during this period is, without doubt, Christmas cards. At Exaprint, we are passionate about ensuring that you get the widest selection when creating your Christmas cards this year. As a result, instead of creating a product called Christmas cards with a rigid set of options, we have discounted the prices of popular Christmas card product options and let you, our valued customer, create your cards.

Where to get started

The three most suitable bases for Christmas cards from the Exaprint product selection are, A6 cards, A5 cards folded to A6 and, for something a little more substantial, A4 flyers folded to A5 (click on the links for quick navigation to those products now).

If you are looking for something simple with no frills or fuss, then you can just use the base options outlined above. However, if you are looking for something a little more luxurious or festive for your Christmas cards then you are going to need a little extra.

Time for a little extra

Now that you have the base of your Christmas cards, you might want to add a little extra to give it a more festive look and feel. Plus, thanks to our Christmas has come early promotion, all of the most desirable Christmas card finishes have been discounted by as much as 20%.

Why not try ones of these great product options:

  • Chromolux paper – discounted 20%
  • Glitter varnish – discounted 10%
  • Laser cut – discounted 10%
  • Textured paper – discounted 20%
  • Matt soft touch lamination + 3D Spot varnish – discounted 10%

Note: Not all of the above will be available on all three cards sizes.

A Christmas Card Mockup PSD

To help you get started marketing Christmas cards to your clients we have created an easy to use mockup PSD for you to utalise.

Download our free Christmas card mockup PSD.

Christmas Card Mockup PSD.

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