Tuesday 14 April

Our Essentials Range comes in at the lowest market rate…

Our Essentials Range comes in at the lowest market rate…
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A crucial aspect of our business that makes Exaprint different is the fact that we’re dedicated to helping our customers grow their own businesses in turn. To do that, we know that value for money is often key, which is why we recently launched our new lost-cost, innovative, “Essentials” range.

Being able to offer customers a diverse range of added value products is important for print resellers, but we also provide a huge range of added value higher end products along with the tools to help stimulate demand for these higher value items.

As the UK’s online printing business working exclusively with the trade, we have traditionally always been very good at supporting the industry’s unique needs and we’re keen to demonstrate that, whilst we recognise that there’s a time and place for value added products, at other times it’s price that matters most.

This is what “Essentials” does. We believe this new launch recognises, and delivers, these desired high frequency commodity products at a low price. In doing so it enables resellers to improve their own margins by offering very low prices for standard commodity products to their own customers in turn.

Whilst we don’t think that price should be the main differentiator, we recognise that from time to time, particularly with commoditised products, we can be most helpful by simply offering our customers the lowest prices on the market, which we believe is what we have done with this range.

The range includes our most popular and frequently used products, such as business cards, leaflets, flyers and letterheads, all still offered under our exclusive white labelled basis, allowing resellers to have all products delivered directly to the end user without reference to Exaprint.

The range will initially consist of 10 products, specifically broken down into four different business card offerings, two types of flyers, two versions of letterheads, a leaflet and a roll up banner. Business cards are available from as little as £11.08 for 250, with A5 flyers priced at £25.31 for 1000. A4 letterheads will cost £21.38 for 250, whilst roll up banners in the range are priced at £25.60 for 1.

If you find lower elsewhere, all the items are covered by our Price Match Guarantee. We want resellers to be able to use us for all of their day-to-day requirements as well as using us for the less frequent added value products on offer.

We hope that you take advantage of the range and use it to develop your business accordingly, something which is key to the Exaprint ethos.

If your company is already registered with Exaprint, you can view the Essentials range here. If you’re from the print, design and marketing community, and would like to become a reseller, just leave us your details here -we’ll give you £35 to try our service!

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