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Case Study: Delivering a living logo for a marketing agency

Case Study: Delivering a living logo for a marketing agency

We’ve recently supplied one of our Living Logos to Journey, a hotel marketing agency, based near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, and we wanted to share the results on this blog.

The plant-based logos and signs, created using either moss or reindeer lichen, provide a striking visual finish that emphasises creativity and originality, something that Journey, as a creative agency, was keen to embrace for both itself and as a potential opportunity for its clients.

In recent months Journey’s agency offices have undergone a comprehensive refurbishment, and the team there were looking to add a suitably stylish finishing touch to the office décor.

Having seen examples of our Living Logo, the agency was keen to take advantage of the logo’s distinctive appeal and acquire its own version. Being a full-service marketing agency for hotels, creativity is at the core of the agency’s offering, so the team wanted to showcase their attributes of individuality and artistry by using standout office furnishings that encapsulate the unique approach to their work.

Consequently we supplied Journey with a 2m long logo, in a vibrant lime green colour, which was set to go high on the wall of its design studio.


Marketing agency Journey fixing their Living Logo up on the wall, using the wall fixings supplied with the sign.

As an accredited reseller of Exaprint’s products, Journey is in a position to offer Living Logos to its clients, who come from an eclectic background of hotels. The logos can be created to the style of boutique hotels, or even for specific events, making them a quirky and appealing addition to a hotel’s marketing toolbox.

The Journey logo was manufactured in our specialist workshop using stabilised reindeer lichen, which doesn’t need water or direct sunlight and can last for ten years. Journey opted for the lime green colouring, but we offer a variety of eight vibrant colours to choose from in our lichen range, plus a natural wood moss colour and we are able to cut any shape up to 18,000cm2.

The logo was shipped out to the Journey offices, where it has been set prominently on the wall in full view of the entrance to the design studio, displaying it in the perfect position to catch the eye of touring guests and clients.

The team at Journey were delighted with the results. Simon Bullingham, MD of Journey said: “We’re always looking to set ourselves apart and deliver real standout. The Living Logo does just that. It’s now the centrepiece of our studio and a talking point for any prospective clients that come in. Its unique appeal serves to demonstrate our individual approach as an agency and we’re extremely pleased with the result.”

Journey’s Living Logo is a perfect example of how our partnership with creative agencies works. Its prominent positioning helps to attract Journey’s clients’ attention when visiting the studio, hopefully helping to generate extra design work for Journey but with the added benefit of potential future orders for us. The logos are just one more example of the tools that we like to provide for our partners, as we aim to grow both our business and theirs.


The Living logo, proudly displayed on the agency’s wall.


If you’re a print, design or marketing professional, and would like to become a reseller of the Living Logo and our dozens of thousands of other printed products, just leave us your details here -we’ll even give you £35 to try our service!


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