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A trio of high-end print finishes!

A trio of high-end print finishes!

At Exaprint, we know that an innovative approach to business is key if we want to be successful, which is why we endeavour to improve all of our capabilities and procedures wherever possible. As printers, it’s obvious that our production methods are a vital part of what we have to offer, which means we’re quick to embrace new printing possibilities.

Recently, this has seen us introduce three new printing techniques to our competencies that enable us to create high end, luxury finishes. These are glitter varnish, hot foil and thermo-relief.

The new finishes improve our printing abilities, allowing us to broaden the product combinations that we offer to our clients. All of the finishes are high end, and require technical proficiency to accomplish, with each offering its own unique appeal.

The first finish, glitter varnish, adds a decorative and eye-catching coating that gives sparkle to the printed material, creating standout designs with a striking appearance. The varnish is perfect for festive cards and printed materials designed for special occasions, making it a fortuitous time to implement it.

Samples of Glitter varnished cards.

Samples of Glitter varnished cards.

The second finish, hot foil, creates a raised foil effect, providing a classy and sophisticated finish in either gold or silver. Unlike conventional hot foil stamping, this process is achieved by laying down a specific pattern of UV varnish using our MGI jetvarnish and then having the foil adhere to the varnish. As a consequence intricate designs and heavy coverage of foil are not prohibitively expensive as they would be with the conventional process. The hot foil solution is a first for a UK based online print company following our investment in the MGI iFoil and helps to set us apart from our competitors.

Samples of Hot foiled (gold) and Thermographed cards.

Samples of Hot foiled (gold) and Thermographed cards.

The third and final finish, thermography, is a traditional printing technique that’s overdue a comeback. There is a strong level of demand for vintage looking finishes, and thermography is one of the best available to provide that air of antique authenticity.

We’ve introduced the new techniques as customers are looking for printing that stands-out. This is particularly important for business cards, as handing over a card is one of the most significant moments in creating the perception of your brand. First impressions count, therefore getting it right is essential and these cards certainly offer a strong differentiation from the average, which is something that we’re all about.

The new finishes allow our reselling customer base to provide the end user with an even wider array of choice. Differentiation is what will give our customers the edge over online platforms that seek to target the end user directly. More complex products with higher added value features are the key to giving us that extra thrust.

We’re extremely pleased to offer these finishes, and it helps to demonstrate our innovative approach to business and our strive to continuously improve our product offering.

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